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BUFORD — Gwinnett County Police Chief Brett West recognized two army soldiers who rendered lifesaving aid to a person shot in a road rage incident that happened in Buford on April 5, 2021.

The two soldiers are Staff Sergeant Richard Borges and Sergeant Austin Childers who are from the US Army Recruiting Atlanta Battalion, Buford Recruiting Station.  They happened to be at the scene at 3730 Buford Drive in Buford when the incident occurred.

On that April day, “Staff Sergeant Borges and Sergeant Childers used combat life-saving techniques, learned in their military training, and treated a shooting victim who obtained gunshot wounds during a road rage incident,” said Hideshi Valle, Gwinnett County Police Department Public Information Officer.

The soldiers, assisted by officers who arrived at the scene, were able to stop the bleeding coming from the victim’s arm and leg through the use of applying chest seals and tourniquets. When paramedics arrived, the actions taken by Staff Sergeant Borges and Sergeant Childers helped them to quickly assess the situation and know the extent of the victim’s injuries.

“The actions taken were a great example of teamwork and dedication to the Gwinnett County community and citizens,” said Valle. “The courage and selfless service reflected during this incident ultimately helped save the life of the victim.”

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