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Retailers large and small are having to adapt to the ever-changing market. Competition with online retailers like Amazon is fierce.  Supply chains are in trouble with retailers having difficulty maintaining dependable sources. Today’s consumers are changing as well with different wants and needs than pre-pandemic consumers. All of this is impacting which retailers survive and which ones scale back or vanish all together.

One retailer that is flourishing in today’s market is the German grocery chain, Aldi. Aldi is a discount grocery chain that is a no-frills store where customers do most of the work that stores would often pay employees to do. This allows Aldi to pass along the savings to the customers.

Aldi is currently renovating a space once occupied by 2nd and Charles, a discount book store. The space is located at 1705 Mall of Georgia Blvd in Buford in the Marketplace at Mill Creek center.  No word yet on when the store plans to open.

The beloved children’s movie and theme park brand, Disney is one retailer that is struggling a bit. Disney announced that they have plans to close all retail locations except for 25 stores out of the 300 locations they originally opened.

Unfortunately for all of the local Disney fans, the Disney Store at the Mall of Georgia is slated to close. The Mall of Georgia location is the only location announced during this round of closures in the state of Georgia. The Mall of Georgia location for Disney will close on Sept. 15, 2021.

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