Suwanee City Council Post 5

Peter Charpentier

Candidate:  Peter Charpentier (incumbent) 

Occupation: Director of marketing — Ingenico

Education: Business administration/marketing, University of Central Florida

Political experience: Suwanee City Council, 2020-2021, Suwanee Planning Commission (18 years), Suwanee Board of Appeals (two years)

Contact information: peteforsuwanee@gmail.com 

Why are you seeking re-election to the Suwanee City Council?  

“I am seeking re-election to give back to Suwanee and my community. I have lived in Suwanee for over 23 years and raised my family here. I have enjoyed the benefits of this great community and want to help others to enjoy the same.” 

What do you think you bring to the table as a candidate? 

“I bring extensive experience and knowledge of the city with a willingness to listen to my fellow Suwanee residents. I have been involved with Suwanee as a volunteer for over 20 years. I served on the Planning Commission, Zoning Board of Appeals, Suwanee Day and many city resident committees. I am open to hearing what the residents are saying with the integrity to take the right action even if not popular. I have a proven track record on the planning commission of voting for what I feel is right for Suwanee.” 

What do you see for the future of Suwanee? 

“I want to ensure that the hopes and concerns of all residents and business owners are heard and honored in the future direction of Suwanee. I will work to maintain the safety and balanced environment we all enjoy while allowing for controlled appropriate growth. I would like to see additional restaurants and businesses to allow Suwanee residents to shop and dine close to home. I want to continue the momentum that makes Suwanee a great place to live.”

Suwanee City Council Post 5

Jonathan Marcantonio

Candidate:  Jonathan Marcantonio 

Occupation: Director of business intelligence 

Education: B.A. in business management, finance/economics

Political experience: None, Gwinnett 101, Candidate trading. 

Contact information: Marcantonio@YourSuwanew.com; YourSuwanee.com; Facebook:: Your Suwanee

Why are you seeking a seat on the Suwanee City Council?

“I feel a sense of ownership in the City of Suwanee. I grew up in Sugar Hill and graduated from North Gwinnett. After High School I attended college on Long Island, NY at Stony Brook University. I then lived in Queens, NY for a couple years before deciding my heart was really back in Georgia. I moved to Suwanee in 2012 because the city embodies everything I love about the south. A welcoming spirit, a deep sense of community, and a bright outlook on the future. I have a passion for community involvement and I want to do anything I can to help my fellow Suwanee residents continue to realize their dreams in Suwanee. My goal in running for Suwanee City Council is to deepen the connection between the residents of Suwanee and its policy makers and be a voice for all my neighbors on the council. I am also very excited for the opportunity to work with the members of the council to further the goals of the City of Suwanee.”

What do you think you bring to the table as a candidate?

“I bring a passion for the city that I hope can inspire every resident to get more involved. I am just the Dad next door you stop and chat with while walking your dog. I have not been involved in the committees or surrounded by the influencers the incumbent or other candidate has. I am not a politician and have never run or served in any office other than volunteering to serve my neighborhood through the HOA. I bring an upbringing in the area that remembers when this was all farmland and trees. I have watched the city grow my whole life and it has given me a love for small town America and a desire to shop local and see small businesses thrive. I don’t care about politics, I care about practical kindness and genuine encouragement. I feel the people that live in Suwanee are what makes Suwanee so special and I will tend to the garden of togetherness if I am elected. I feel my business background working and leading diverse teams dealing with complicated problems will aid in bringing unity to the coucil and the people they serve.”

What do you see for the future of Suwanee?

“I try to see the future of Suwanee through the eyes of each resident and small business owner I talk to about our city. The small voices are the loudest to me and I believe the future of Suwanee lies in the children that are being brought up here. I want to give those children every opportunity and resource to be successful future residents and small business owners in Suwanee. I hope that throughout my campaign my vision of the future is further shaped and molded by the residents of Suwanee. My hope is to realize their vision of the future. The City of Suwanee has done a great job in engaging its residents to share their voice. Suwanee’s 20/20 Vision Strategic Plan was one of the most comprehensive community involved projects I have seen. My goal is to advance that vision and prioritize the community’s goals over those of big business and big builders.”

Suwanee City Council Post 5

David Martinez

Candidate:  David Martinez 

Occupation: Doctoral student of criminal justice

Education: Master’s in criminal justice

Political experience: None 

Contact information: martinezforsuwanee@gmail.com

Why are you seeking a seat on the Suwanee City Council? 

“I am running for Suwanee City Council to make certain our elected officials work for everyone by promoting transparency and communication. I will listen to my constituents and ensure decisions are made that benefits everyone for generations to come.

My lifetime of service to our country and community has prepared me for this moment. Not only do I understand the inner workings of government, but I also recognize the partnerships that are required to build thriving communities.  

I am excited to meet the community members of Suwanee and look forward to working for you.”

What do you think you bring to the table as a candidate? 

“As a candidate for Suwanee City Council, I bring over 20 years of real-life experiences working with residents, organizations, and businesses to problem-solve community issues. I have personally worked with Gwinnett Place and Sugarloaf Community Improvement Districts (CID), Sugarloaf Mills Mall, Mall of Georgia, City of Peachtree Corners, Gwinnett County Public Schools, and many more to promote public safety and improve the quality of life for everyone.

I have spent my life listening to community concerns and working to effectively solve these issues. I am studying a Doctorate in Criminal Justice and have the ability to analyze information, research data, and simplify details, which are shared in a manner for everyone to understand. If elected, I will host a monthly community meeting to listen to community issues and develop better government transparency and open lines of communication with the public.”      

What do you see for the future of Suwanee? 

“The future of Suwanee should be a place for our children to obtain a high-quality education, a location for small business growth, and a community where people may live and retire. We must preserve our family values here in Suwanee and I will make certain our community has greater input into the city’s comprehensive plan.”


Linnea Miller

Suwanee City Council Post 3 

Candidate:  Linnea Miller (incumbent) — Running unopposed 


Beth Hilscher

Suwanee City Council Post 4 

Candidate:  Beth Hilscher (incumbent) — Running unopposed 

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