SUWANEE — An on-duty police officer was flagged down by a Sandy Springs man who claimed he was robbed at gunpoint at 3201 Suwanee Creek Road in unincorporated Suwanee on December 3 at approximately 10 p.m.  

The victim said that he met a female on Craigslist and he conversed with her despite her not having any personal information on the ad.  The two exchanged phone numbers and began to text one another. He said that they had made plans to go out for drinks that night. The female wanted him to meet her at the Airbnb home that she had rented for the night.

He complied and pulled into the driveway of the home on Suwanee Creek Road.  The victim said his driver’s side window was down when a black male approached the open window. He then said that the black male pointed a black pistol at him and demanded all of his money.  The victim replied back to him telling him he only had $20. While he was trying to get the $20 out of his wallet, the suspect snatched the wallet from the victim and ran away.

The victim said that after the incident had occurred that he began to receive text messages from the same number from the “female” from Craigslist demanding to send money through Cash App or the suspect would “blow his brains out.” He then stated that the text said, “I have your address and your social security number.  Don’t play bruh.” The victim then received a request from Cash App from Gabby Velazquez for $200.

The officer tried to get the victim to give him a better description of the suspect but he could not provide any additional information.  The officer then advised the victim to stop replying to the text messages and to not send any money. While the officer was talking to the victim, the victim received another text message of a photo of a loaded revolver pointed at the victim’s driver’s license. The officer advised the victim to stop by the Sandy Springs Police Department on his way home so that they could make sure the victim got home safely.


After the officer and the victim were done, the officer drove by the location where the victim was robbed.  The officer stated that he did not observe any cameras in the area and that no lights were on inside or outside of the residence.  He observed two vehicles in the driveway. His report did not state if he took any further action.


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