New parking deck

BUFORD — Business owners all along Main Street in Buford are happy \ their customers now have more access to parking. Parking has been a hot commodity in the evenings in downtown Buford for quite some time.  

In an effort to better support the businesses in the downtown business district along Main Street, the City of Buford made the decision years ago to put in a parking deck to help alleviate the parking problem.  

The location for the new parking deck was selected for the land on Moreno Street in between Garnett and Harris Streets on what used to be the Samples Milling Company and Couch Used Auto Sales lot. The land abuts Jones Alley and is the perfect location to support the businesses along Main Street.

The construction on the parking deck began in 2018 and was slated for completion later that same year. However, between the weather, having to acquire additional land, designing pedestrian access to Main Street and upgrades to Jones Alley, the parking deck fell behind schedule. While the parking deck was under construction, Moreno Street in between Garnett and Harris Streets was closed to traffic.

The new parking deck is well designed and is well lit for safety. It has four levels and has easy access to Jones Alley on levels two and three.  A pedestrian bridge links the parking deck to Harris Street and ultimately Main Street.  Access to the bridge is on the top level of the deck.  The parking deck has two stairwells and an elevator to help people get to the desired level that they need to be on. 

Just in time for the holidays, the parking deck is finally open. No longer will patrons of the businesses along Main have to pray a parking spot will magically become available. Moreno Street is also open once again.

— Alicia Couch Payne

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