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To be selected as a finalist for the Georgia Governor’s Honors Program is among the most coveted accolades to which a high school sophomore or junior can aspire. The annual four-week summer intensive residential study program for Georgia’s most talented and gifted students allows students to experience instruction differently than inside a traditional classroom, offers them the opportunity to learn alongside other standout students in their same area of giftedness and gives those students a taste of dorm life before they begin college. 

This past semester, public, private and state charter schools across Georgia nominated approximately 3,200 rising junior and senior students to compete for a coveted spot as a finalist, commonly known as “a GHP’er,” in the 59th annual summer program. 

On Friday, Feb. 4, the governor’s office released the names of the 1,300 nominees who have advanced to be named semi-finalists for GHP 59, to be held this summer. These students will progress to the statewide adjudication on Saturday, Feb. 26, at Berry College, which includes a private interview as well as auditions for those nominated in a performing arts area.

Finalists will be notified of their acceptance on Friday, March 25.

From Buford High School

Samuel Son: Science (Chemistry)

Anna Williams: Communicative arts

From Lanier High School

Hope Dang: Communicative arts

From North Gwinnett High School

Emily Moomey: Dance

Yeji Kim: Mathematics

Rachel Kwon: Mathematics

Tyler Hsu: Mathematics

Ian Moon: Music (Clarinet)

Joshua Antony: Music (Trombone)

Lucas Stancill: Music (Violin)

Ross Pope: Music (String Bass)

Suraj Chatoth: Music (Percussion)

Yuna Lim: Music (Oboe)

Aditi Venkatesh: Science (Physics)

Ekaterina Gaidachuk: Visual arts

Erin Summers: Visual arts

Ethan Choi: Visual arts

Lauren Holbrook: Visual arts

Li Lin: Visual arts

Alissa Chun: World languages (Latin)

Hannah Lee: World languages (Latin)

Jean Lee: World languages (French)

Lena Towne: World languages (Latin)

Olivia Metcalf: World languages (Latin)

Sarah Swope: World languages (German)

From Sugar Hill Christian Academy

Benjamin Jones: Music (Trumpet)

Caroline Kimsey: Music (Vocal) 

Sejal Butler: Engineering

Zoe Simmons: Communicative arts

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