The Greater Atlanta Montessori School, newly located in Buford, is shaping the young minds of tomorrow. 

With a focus on passion and building the foundation for learning, GAMS builds character and confidence in the children that walk through the doors each week. The school prides itself on a low teacher to student ratio, along with year-round education provided for children six months to six years old.

Hannah Pang Gentry
Hannah Gentry has a passion for educating our community’s children in the Montessori style to give them a firm foundation to be successful later in life.  Photo – Greater Atlanta Montessori School

One of the most heartening things about GAMS is Hannah Gentry. She is a career educator with 20 years of experience and is the owner and director of the local school. The Voice had the opportunity to speak with her about her passion for young minds and giving them a well-rounded education. “I love the children, and their families,” she said. “I work around the clock to make sure they receive and achieve the best.” 

Gentry is very passionate about the Montessori teaching style, as well as the freedom working in private education has given her to stand by her beliefs. “I am a Christian, and I talk to the children about Jesus. We pray before each meal. I do not force them to pray, but allow them the opportunity.” 

Gentry also spoke on the importance of working together as a community and hoping for both private and public schools working together to love and educate Buford’s youth. She stated, “It’s not a competition, we’re both wanting the same thing for our children.” 

Gentry’s passion for the diverse and growing Buford community reaches beyond education, but to accessibility as well. GAMS has the lowest Montessori school tuition in the city, along with some of the lowest in the state. They also offer an “Apogee School Choice Scholarship” for families of new enrollees. The scholarship is not based on income, which means anyone is eligible. 

The Greater Atlanta Montessori School, along with Hannah Gentry, are making a big impact on the young minds within the community of Buford. If you would like to find out more about GAMS and Gentry, please visit  GAMS is located at 1980 Buford Highway, Buford Ga. 30518, (678) 926-3202.

– Joseph Parks

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