BRASELTON — A local burger joint recently scored a 63 on their health inspection with the inspector citing numerous violations.

Wayback Burger located at 6323 Grand Hickory Dr., Suite 100B in Braselton underwent a routine health inspection on Wednesday, Oct. 21, 2020.

During the visit, the inspector noted that they observed an “employee pretending to put on a new pair of gloves without [washing] hands after handling raw chicken with gloves.”

Soda nozzles were found to have a mold-like substance built up inside of them.

Employees were working with food with no hair restraints.

The inspector saw grease and other debris accumulated underneath appliances.  It was noted that the entire facility needed “a deep clean up.”

It was also noted that fruit flies were present throughout the facility.

Those violations were the more concerning out of all of the violations.  The restaurant will receive a follow-up inspection within 10 days of the initial inspection.  To view the full health inspection for Wayback Burger, click here.

— Staff Reports

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