By Lyndsey Britt

Officials have pulled back on the search for an Atlanta woman who went under at Lake Lanier.

The search for 31-year-old Madeline Sinagra was suspended last Friday according to Derreck Booth, public information officer for the Hall County Sheriff’s Office. “Our dive team covered the entire large search area systematically this week, but did not locate Ms. Sinagra.” said Booth.

The search for Sanagra, has been underway since July 22, after she jumped from her boat to swim and was unable to make it back after becoming fatigued. A man on the boat tried to rescue Sanagra by first tossing a line to her then jumping in to get her.  He was unable to locate her after she went under the water.

According to Mark McKinnon of the State Department of Natural Resources, “We believe we have covered the area as thoroughly as we can with the equipment available.”  

“During the week, we dropped the sector scan sonar to the bottom almost 300 times,” McKinnon stated, “while also utilizing DNR helicopters, side scan sonar, Hall County divers and a cadaver dog. We will continue to perform surface searches as part of our patrols several times a day and we hope to bring closure to the family soon.”

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