K9 Elsa

(Photo courtesy of the GCPD)

K9 Elsa, badge #2109A, will be retiring from the Gwinnett County Police Department this month.

Law enforcement and veterinary staff collaboratively made the decision in her best interests, honoring her veteran status on the force following 8 years of teamwork with their distinguished colleague. 

Her retirement trajectory was made official by the Gwinnett County Board of Commissioners the first week of November. 

Elsa will enjoy her well deserved downtime living with her handler, Cpl. A. Hylton.

Deputy Chief of Police, Steve Shaw, issued the following statement:

“The contributions of K9 Elsa over her celebrated career, in addition to the rest of our K9 teams, have had a positive impact on the safety of our community over the last several years. With primary functions of locating critical missing persons and children, apprehending offenders who flee and detecting narcotics and evidence, K9 Elsa’s work with Gwinnett County Police demonstrates the excellence of this department and all of its members.

Shaw went on to describe her career as being marked by unwavering dedication and exceptional service.

Throughout the duration of her work on the police force, K9 Elsa answered 545 calls for service, supported and was instrumental in 51 patrol apprehensions, 87 narcotics related captures, and 133 evidence recoveries.

Dep. Shaw concluded that: “Her outstanding contributions played a vital role in ensuring the safety of our police officers and the residents of Gwinnett County”.

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