SUGAR HILL — The Gwinnett County Police Department responded to a burning vehicle call in the 5400 block of Cumming Highway in Sugar Hill on March 20 at approximately 1 p.m.

Upon arrival, an officer found a silver 2000 Mitsubishi Mirage completely burned.  Firefighters arrived on the scene to make sure the fire was out.

The officer spoke with the property owner of where the burned vehicle was at and she said that the vehicle belonged to a former tenant of hers.  The tenant had abandoned the vehicle on her property and told her that he did not want the vehicle.  

The property owner told the officer that she has been having trouble with several kids from a neighboring subdivision breaking into her property.  

The officer made contact with the three juveniles who live off of Saddlebred and Underhill Court in Sugar Hill.  The juveniles told the officer that they did not mean to catch the car on fire. They stated that they threw a “firebomb” at it but did not expect it to catch fire.  The juveniles said that they used an aerosol can and dry leaves to make their “firebomb.”

The parents of the three juveniles were contacted and advised of what took place along with the charges the kids could face.  The Gwinnett County Arson Investigator spoke with the kids about the matter.

The property owner nor the owner of the Mitsubishi wanted to press charges against the three juveniles. 

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