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Gwinnett Police Department’s Crime Prevention Officers have been busy keeping track of the data from vehicle break-ins/entering autos over the last six months.  The statistics show that roughly half of all entering auto reports filed showed that the vehicles broken into were left unlocked when the driver was not present.  

Here’s a break down by precinct of vehicles left unlocked.

  • District 1 (West):          43%
  • District 2 (South):        65%
  • District 3 (North):        32%
  • District 4 (East):           58%
  • District 5 (Central):     42%

MR map

Break-ins can occur pretty much anywhere but the most common locations are at retail establishments, grocery stores, fitness centers, and business areas.  Break-ins can happen at your own home so police are urging residents to double check and make sure you lock your vehicle doors before leaving it unattended.  

slideThe most common items stolen out of vehicles being purses, wallets, cash, cell phones, electronics, and guns. Officers also want to remind residents to not leave anything valuable in cars while left unattended.

Here are a few ways to prevent a vehicle break-in:

  • Leave your valuables at home
  • Take them inside with you
  • Place your valuables inside your trunk before you arrive at your intended destination
  • Always lock your car doors
  • Keep your windows rolled up


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