The Gwinnett Football League (GFL) has concluded regular season play.  To view the final standings per division for the regular season, see below.  The playoffs begin on Oct. 23, 2021.

6 & 7-year-olds:

North division:  Lawrenceville Black (first), Collins Hill (second), Mill Creek (third), North Gwinnett (fourth), Mountain View (fifth), Buford Gold (sixth) and Lanier (seventh)

South division:  Brookwood (first), Archer White (second), Buford Green (third), Parkview (fourth), Shiloh (fifth), South Gwinnett (sixth) and Grayson Green (seventh)

East division:  Grayson Gold (first), Dacula (second), Duluth (third), Lawrenceville Gold (fourth), Norcross (fifth), Archer Red (sixth) and Buford White (seventh)


North division:  Collins Hill (first), Buford Gold (second), Mill Creek (third), Mountain View (fourth) and North Gwinnett Black (fifth)

South division:  Grayson (first), Parkview (second), Archer (third), South Gwinnett (fourth) and Brookwood (fifth) 

East division:  North Gwinnett Red (first), Buford Green (second), Lawrenceville (third), Norcross (fourth) and Peachtree Ridge (fifth)


North division:  Mill Creek (first), Buford Green (second), North Gwinnett Red (third), Collins Hill (fourth), Mountain View (fifth) and Norcross (sixth)

South division:  Parkview (first), Lawrenceville (second), Grayson Gold (third), Brookwood (fourth) and Archer (fifth)

East division:  Grayson Green (first), North Gwinnett Black (second), Dacula (third), Peachtree Ridge (fourth), Buford Gold (fifth) and Duluth (sixth)


North division:  Collins Hill (first), North Gwinnett Black (second), Buford Gold (third), Mill Creek (fourth), Mountain View (fifth) and Norcross (sixth)

South division:  Grayson Gold (first), Brookwood (second), Parkview (third), Archer (fourth), South Gwinnett (fifth) and Shiloh (sixth)

East division:  Buford Green (first), Dacula (second), North Gwinnett Red (third), Lawrenceville (fourth), Duluth (fifth), Grayson Green (sixth) and Peachtree Ridge (seventh)


North division:  Buford Green, Mountain View, Collins Hill, Lanier, North Gwinnett, Mill Creek Gold and Norcross

South division:  Parkview, Shiloh, Brookwood, Archer, Grayson Green and South Gwinnett

East division:  Grayson Gold, Buford Gold, Lawrenceville, Peachtree Ridge, Mill Creek Cardinal, Duluth and Dacula


North division:  North Gwinnett Black, Lanier, Buford, Mill Creek, Mountain View and Collins Hill

South division:  Parkview, Lawrenceville Black, Grayson Gold, Archer Red and Brookwood

East division:  Archer White, Lawrenceville Gold, Norcross, Grayson Green and North Gwinnett Red

8th grade:

Division I:  Duluth, Parkview, Buford, Mill Creek, Dacula, North Gwinnett, Collins Hill, Grayson and Norcross

Division II:  Archer, Buford, Shiloh, South Gwinnett, Brookwood, Lawrenceville, Lanier, Bryson Park and Peachtree Ridge

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