Residents of Gwinnett County can be proud that their water was voted as the “Best Tasting Water” in the state of Georgia. The Georgia Association of Water Professionals put samples of water from around the state through a blind taste test to determine which water system in the state was the best.

Gwinnett County’s nearly one million residents get their water from Lake Lanier which is treated at one of two water production plants, Shoal Creek Filter Plant and Lanier Filter Plant. These two facilities produce more than 70 million gallons of drinking water by using advanced technology. Gwinnett rigorously tests their water when it first comes into the treatment facility, as well as the final product that is being pumped into a maze of underground pipes and storage tanks for distribution throughout the county.

Winning the state-wide award makes Gwinnett County eligible to compete for the national American Water Works Association award against other public utilities from across the country.

“We take pride in delivering high quality, great tasting water to the people and businesses of Gwinnett,” said Department of Water Resources Director Tyler Richards. “I believe we owe this award to the hard work, passion, ingenuity and dedication of our employees. They work around the clock to ensure our water meets the Gwinnett Standard.”

For more information about Gwinnett County’s Water Resources, click here.

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