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(The Gwinnett County Marching Band Exhibition was a roaring success by any measure.)

Thousands of attendees and participants convened for the Gwinnett County Marching Band Exhibition on Oct. 3. 

The occasion served as a showcase for some of Gwinnett County’s finest current and emerging talent in high school marching bands. 

Each year, students from participating institutions get the chance to display and compare their latest innovations and skills.

Represented schools included:

Presiding over the event was the Mayor of Sugar Hill, Mr. Brandon Hembree.

Mr. Dayron Martin, Chemistry Teacher at Lanier High School, served as Master of Ceremonies.

Diverse curated performances ranged from classical to contemporary. Each school displayed tremendous talent and novelty.

Event host and Director of Bands at Lanier High School, Mr. Ben Tingle highlighted the importance of the occasion, explaining: 

“This event underscores the unwavering dedication and commitment of our young musicians. It serves as a platform for the larger fine arts community, celebrating the remarkable talent cultivated within Gwinnett County.”

Mayor Brandon Hembree weighed in as well:

“The fact that Lanier High School was asked to host the exhibition speaks highly of the quality of the band program and the leadership of Ben Tingle and his entire support team. The Lanier Cluster is unique in the fact that school students have the opportunity to begin band at Sycamore Elementary School and go all the way through Lanier Middle School and Lanier High School. This is just one of many pathways put in place for our community’s school students in the Lanier Cluster.”

As Mr. Tingle noted, the event also functioned as a venue for broader regional fine arts culture, which most assuredly played a role in advancing the passion and skills of this talented group of young folks here in Gwinnett County. It was a celebration of the entire community in that sense, and the community definitely showed up to support it.

The unforgettable choreography and compositions created a memorable evening which dazzlingly brought together over 3,000 people for the festivities. 

The curated performances served as a testament to the universal themes of music and the arts. This rich legacy will undoubtedly be celebrated for a long time to come.

The event was sponsored by generous contributions from: 

  • The City of Sugar Hill
  • The City of Sugar Hill Marshals
  • Jeremiah’s Ice
  • Sarah Bittner Designs 
  • Tri-M Music Honor Society 
  • Gwinnett County Public Schools  
  • Lanier High School 


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