The Association County Commissioners of Georgia (ACCG or Georgia’s County Association) recently honored Gwinnett County Chairman Charlotte Nash with the 2020 Emory Greene Leadership Award. The Emory Greene Leadership Award, part of the ACCG Annual Awards and Recognition Program, is the most prestigious honor a government official can receive from the ACCG, and is awarded based on achievements and impact during their time as an elected official.

The Emory Greene Leadership Award, named in honor of the late Emory Greene, Chairman of the Bibb County Board of Commissioners and late ACCG President, was introduced in 1990. Greene was not only an outstanding leader in his home county but a statewide leader who served on multiple boards and commissions. The Emory Greene Leadership Award recognizes a county commissioner who has “made significant contributions in the local community and at the state level.”

“The ACCG Awards and Recognition Program is an annual celebration of county leaders,” said ACCG Executive Director Dave Wills. “The awards embody the true definition of leadership, dedicated and selfless service, as exhibited by Charlotte Nash. Congratulations to Charlotte on receiving this honor.”

Since 1977, Chairman Nash has made a lasting effect on her native Gwinnett County. Her government career started as a grants manager, where she demonstrated her desire to make an impact on her community. Her experience in various county roles prepared her with a unique set of skills that proved a valuable asset when constituents began losing faith in the county government. Her goal, when elected to the Board of Commissioners, was to restore public faith and run the county with “integrity and stability.” Since then, Nash has successfully retained public trust and has made Gwinnett County a better place to live. Under her leadership, the county thrives economically and implements initiatives that improve residents’ quality of life. Nash’s dedication to community, integrity, and her ability to see growth on both local and statewide levels makes her more than deserving of the Emory Greene Leadership Award.

“I am truly honored to receive this award,” said Nash. “It is especially meaningful when it comes from an association of your peers. However, this award really belongs to the mentors who helped me at so many points and the amazing Gwinnett employees who make good things happen every day. I’ve been very fortunate to enjoy a rewarding career serving the place I’ve called home all my life. I came to county service almost by accident, but I stayed because I fell in love with local government. Nothing else puts you so directly in the middle of helping constituents with problems today while planning for decades into the future. Finally, thanks to ACCG for this recognition and for the learning opportunities it offered me across the years.”

— Staff Reports

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