Gas station employee steals cash at end of shift and disappears

Staff Reports – (Buford) –

A Gwinnett County Police officer was called to the Citgo gas station in the 2000 block of Buford Dam Rd. on April 23 in response to a reported theft. The victim, Bantikumar Thakkar who owns the station, told the officer that an employee had taken money and keys from the business.

Thakkar possessed video footage of the incident showing a female entering the station’s back room in the early morning hours of that same day. In the video she is seen entering the room, turning the lights off and walking to a desk where cash for the business is kept. She opens the drawer, takes the bag and leaves the room, closing the door behind her. The female is Angel Godfrey, the employee working that night closing up the business.

Godfrey was in charge of placing all the money from the registers into a bank bag and then putting the bag in the back room desk drawer. Thakkar said the bank bag is a burgundy Bank of North Georgia bag containing $1,544.00. The money was broken down into denominations of $1,000 in twenties, $300 in tens, $200 in fives, and $44 in ones. Additionally, Thakkar stated that Godfrey also has in her possession the keys to the front door and the back room door of the business.

Thakkar stated he had viewed the footage of Godfrey collecting the money from the registers, placing it in the bag, placing the bag in the drawer in the back room, leaving the room, then coming back in and taking the bag.

Thakkar said he has made many attempts to contact Godfrey but she has not answered any of his calls or text messages. Godfrey was scheduled to work the next day at 10 a.m. but never showed up for work.

A warrant for Godfrey’s arrest has since been issued.


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