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Technology has changed the world in ways too numerous to count. Many of those changes have made the world a safer place, but a growing dependence on smartphones, particularly when behind the wheel, continues to put the safety of drivers, their passengers, fellow motorists and pedestrians in danger. Data from the National Highway Traffic Safety Administration indicates that distracted driving was responsible for the deaths of more than 3,100 people in the United States in 2019.

Though smartphones are not the lone distraction drivers face, they do pose a significant threat. But smartphones also can help drivers be safer behind the wheel. The following are four apps that drivers can install on their smartphones that are designed to make modern driving safer.

  1. SafeDrive — The SafeDrive app can block all the textual apps in a phone, removing a major threat to drivers’ ability to concentrate behind the wheel. Drivers who use SafeDrive can still make phone calls, but they won’t be able to receive or send messages.
  2. LifeSaver — The LifeSaver app runs silently in the background and then wakes up and locks the phone when a driver begins driving. Parents of young drivers should know that the app’s “Family View” feature can enable them to track their children’s driving and even see when kids are behind the wheel so parents won’t contact them. The app also can alert loved ones when drivers arrive at their destination.
  3. TextDrive — This app sends auto response messages to people who try to call or text drivers while they’re behind the wheel. Drivers can reply to messages using voice commands as well.
  4. DriveWell — Drivers who want some insight into their driving habits should consider the DriveWell app. The app is designed to provide drivers with feedback about their driving habits. Drivers can access trip summaries, details on their maneuvers and even track their speeds.
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