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Last month, amongst a lot of disappointed chatter in the local community and beyond, NGV revealed the heartbreaking choices at the root of a decision to temporarily shutter the popular Jail Dogs Program here in Gwinnett.

While still rooting for The Gwinnett Jail Dogs Program, which has been put on pause as inmate healthcare access is crucially expanded, the crisis of access to care for chronically and mentally ill inmates is also something NGV recognizes.

In the meantime, former Jail Dog Rocky is still waiting for his forever home.

Rocky is described as a male who is probably a Labrador Retriever and American Staffordshire Terrier mix. He is an estimated one to two years old.

He was originally found tied to the door of a church by a shoestring, reportedly by a houseless person. Staff members of the church using video camera surveillance confirmed they had spoken to his previous owner — prior to Rocky’s containment there — and it was determined that the person was seeking a new life for the sweet pup.

The church contacted the The Jail Dogs Program in full faith that this would be his path to a new life.

While in the program, Rocky was able to work on his social skills — and he got the chance to ‘just be a dog’, perhaps for the first time in his short life.

Since then, Rocky became one of the “best trained dogs in the program” according to The Jail Dogs website. It was said that, “He will chase a ball from morning to night if allowed and thrives on learning new skills. Rocky can be found on the rec yard joining in on a game of basketball. He is a great forward and leads the ‘dog team’ in assists. Rocky continues to work on his skateboard riding skills and LOVES, LOVES, LOVES water!!!”

What a character! Surely, his match is out there — and possibly reading this right now.

While Rocky generally loves everyone he meets, it has been advised that he find a forever home as an ‘only dog’. It was further suggested that a family not have any children younger than teenagers (living with them) due to his high energy level.

Rocky would do well with access to a fenced yard, lots of exercise, and a devoted individual — or individuals — to continue his training.

One warning: he’s a snuggler!

And, he loves to lounge around and be a ‘house hippo’ once he’s gotten enough exercise.

Rocky is neutered and up-to-date on his vaccinations. The Society for Humane Friends of Georgia is handling his adoption procedure at this time.









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