motorcycle wreck

The Gwinnett County Police Department reported “at least one fatality,” Sgt. Michele Pihera said in a statement, in a Monday evening crash at the intersection of Buford Dam Rd. and Garrett Rd.

Pihera reported that one vehicle was trying to turn left in front of the other.

Gwinnett County’s Accident Investigation Unit continues to investigate the case and will release more information as it becomes available, according to the police department’s public information department.

The intersection of Buford Dam and Garrett Rds.

The accident was first reported at 6:14 p.m. Monday by police to social media. Roads were cleared hours later.

Marisol Aranda told The North Gwinnett Voice that he was driving by the scene. He was detoured to nearby Sycamore Rd. Aranda said there was a motorcycle involved in the crash and it was “in pieces.” The only other vehicle Aranda saw was a dump truck.

“I saw how they had the gentleman from the motorcycle on the (ground) doing CPR,” Aranda said.

The North Gwinnett Voice will provide more information as it becomes available.

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