The eatery at a local trampoline park has been cited for numerous violations of state health codes and received a failing inspection score. 

Rockin’ Jump Trampoline Park at 3520 Gravel Springs Road in Buford received a score of 65 U on an inspection conducted Wednesday, April 20.

On the inspection report, the business had a second consecutive violation where the inspector found a “mold-like build up in the ice machine.” Food debris was found encrusted on utensils and dishes that were stored as if they were clean. The inspector also noted food that was being held in the cooler for longer than 24 hours had not been date marked. The person in charge at the business said hot dogs, cheese slices and pizza had been opened the week prior but had no date that they were opened on them or a discard by date written on them.

Quat sanitizer, which is used to sanitize surfaces that come in contact with food, was not being dispensed at the proper amount in the dish sink. The dishwasher was lacking a chlorine sanitizer, and the facility did not have a chlorine test kit for the dishwasher. The hot water in the sinks in the employee restrooms was not getting hot enough. The water was checked and found to be less than 100 degrees and per guidelines should be at least 100 degrees.

A follow-up inspection was to be conducted within 10 business days of the April 20 inspection. That inspection took place Monday, April 30, and Rockin Jump received a score of 90 A.

Violations noted on that inspection included the water in the hand sinks in the employee restrooms was still too cold, an employee was observed washing a single-use cup in a hand sink, boxes of food were stored on the kitchen floor and the inspection report was blocked from view by a plant.

To view the initial inspection report, click here. View the follow-up inspection report here

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