Buford resident reports items stolen from unlocked vehicle 

On Oct. 26, a Buford resident reported several items were taken from her vehicle, including her purse, wallet, debit cards and miscellaneous makeup. 

There was no forced entry to the vehicle, and when the responding officer asked if her vehicle was unlocked, the victim said, “I never lock the door. It’s Buford.” 

The victim told the officer she had received a fraud alert from her bank indicating someone had attempted to send money through Facebook pay. The officer recommended she contact her banks to report her cards stolen. 

Suspect hacks Buford teen’s Instagram account, makes demands 

A Buford teen’s Instagram account was hacked on Tuesday, Oct. 19, and the hacker made specific demands in order to return the account. 

Handling the report by phone, the responding officer spoke with the victim’s mother, who said her 16-year-old daughter had received a message instructing her to make a video saying she invested $400 into a business and made $10,000 in profit. The suspect who sent the message said the victim would get her account back if she made the video. 

The victim recorded the video, which the suspect posted to the victim’s Instagram account. The victim then received a message instructing her to send $400 to a Cash App account. 

The mother was encouraged to contact Instagram regarding the account being hacked and was advised to not pay any money to the suspect. 

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