At noon on Monday, April 6, the Georgia Department of Public Health released data showing that 667 people tested positive for the novel coronavirus since this time on Sunday.  That brings the total number of confirmed cases in Georgia to 7,314. Of that number, 1,332 people or 18.21% of the total cases have been hospitalized due to COVID-19. The death toll in the state climbed to 229, an increase of 18 in 24 hours. 3.13% of those infected have died as a result of the virus.

Females saw a 1% increase since yesterday to make up 53% of the total cases while males comprise 46%.  The percentage of unknown genders decreased to 1%. The 18-59 age group saw an increase in 24 hours to make up 60% of the total number of confirmed cases of the novel coronavirus.  The over 60 age group takes up 35% of the share while kids under 18 only make up 1% of the cases. Cases, where age is unknown, comprises the last 4%.

Gwinnett County reported an increase of 35 new cases since Sunday at noon.  That brings their total number of confirmed COVID-19 cases to 443. The death toll has increased to 10.  Fulton saw a large jump in the past 24 hours. They increased the number of positive cases by 65 bringing their total to 1,027.  Dougherty continues to be the second hardest-hit county in the state with 716 confirmed cases. They have the most deaths in the state with 31.  Other hard-hit or nearby counties include Dekalb 579, Cobb 515, Clayton 244, Bartow 179, Hall, 131, Forsyth 80, Barrow 27, and Jackson 17.

The World Health Organization released data showing that 1,211,214 people have tested positive for the coronavirus worldwide.  Almost 75k new cases since yesterday at noon. The total number of people who died as a result of the virus is now 67,666. The U.S. is leading all the other countries in the number of confirmed cases.  Spain is the next closest in terms of positive coronavirus diagnosis with 130,759.

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