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March 4, 2019 – The City of Buford Commission Meeting for March was called to order at 7 p.m. at Buford City Hall by Commission Chairman Phillip Beard.  After the Pledge of Allegiance, the agenda, February 4th meeting minutes, and a change to next month’s Commission meeting were approved. The new date of April’s meeting is April 2, 2019.

The first piece of business was from Embry Real Estate Partners LLC regarding 23.7 acres at 4096 Gainesville Highway, 4000 Carter Road, and 4022 Carter Road.  They were asking for a rezoning from R-100/RA-200 to R-100 with a special use permit to allow a CSO subdivision. The applicant decided to withdraw their request.  Marty Orr requested that 0.434 acres on Jackson Street be rezoned from M-1 to R-100. The request was approved with seven conditions which included that the structure must be a minimum of 2,000 sq ft for ranch style homes and 2,200 sq ft for two-story homes.  William Fricks from Donrob Investments asked for 3.29 acres located at 2343 Brown Road be rezoned from RA-200 to C-2 with a special use permit to allow outdoor events and to be able to offer overnight accommodations. The request was approved with six conditions.

A special use permit was approved to allow an auto tire service business for Alec NG of 4991 B. U. Bowman Drive, Unit 100.  This allows them to have an auto tire service business. Hang Nguyen of 3616 South Bogan Road, Suite 101 was granted a special use permit to allow micro blading at the Salon.  A request for a special use permit to allow an office/warehouse condominium was approved for Radial Property Group, LLC for four parcels on Buford Business Boulevard. A special use permit was approved that will allow a 5-story dual-brand hotel for Nizar Dayani at 2490 Satellite Boulevard with six conditions.  It will be a Best Western hotel with 80 rooms, 40% of which are planned to be extended stay suites. These suites have a fourteen-day stay limit and must charge a nightly room rate as to discourage stays longer than 14 days. Steve Faiella asked for a special use permit to allow a carwash at 4915 Lanier Islands Parkway  The request was approved by Weeks and Burge. Beard abstained due to People’s Bank’s interest in the property.

An annexation request for Frazer24, LLC regarding 23.96 acres located at 5340 Frazer Road was presented to the Commission.  It is currently zoned AR-III and the annexation request asked for it to be zoned R-100 with a special use permit for a CSO subdivision. Dan Schneider, a representative for the HOA of neighboring Wildwood Subdivision, was there to address concerns of neighboring parties. They were concerned about adding more traffic on Frazer, the number of lots, the proposed subdivision not having amenities, stormwater management, and the lack of green space.  The Commission said that it would work with Hall County on maintenance, maintain the portions that are in the City and, after completion of the subdivision, proceed with improvements to Frazer Road. A traffic signal was discussed and the City can request that the Georgia Department of Transportation analyze. After much discussion between all parties involved and the Commission, a compromise of 45 lots instead of 50 was reached.  The request passed with 18 conditions.

A zoning modification for Dennis Gutierrez for 80 South Alexander Street that would reduce the front setback to 17.2 ft. on W. Moreno St. and 19.4 ft. on the front setback on S. Alexander St. was approved.  An exemption plat for Jeff Henderson on Adams Street was approved. Wastewater allocation for Dunkin Donuts at 4803 Golden Parkway was approved. Local legislation was authorized to ratify and reaffirm the corporate limits of the City of Buford per reference to the City’s official map.  The Commission authorized the City Manager to proceed with Phase II of the Sewer Trunk Line Improvement project and acquire easements. The City Manager was also authorized to sign sewer easements associated with the Lanier Harbor pumping station. The installation of speed limit sign(s) and stop sign(s) in the Brentwood Subdivision was approved subject to the approval of the City Engineer.  The Chairman was authorized to submit the 2020 CDBG Program Grant application to Gwinnett County. Two special events were approved for the Buford Youth Sports Complex. The low bid for Dacula Road at SR 8 natural gas facilities relocation project was approved. Payment #5 for the Hamilton Mill Road gas relocation project was approved. The final payment for the SR 13 at Heraeus Boulevard Intersection improvements project was approved.  Payment #5 for the City of Buford parking deck project was approved.

Todd Cleveland from the Buford Community Center reported that the most recent play, “A Streetcar Named Desire” had 1,600 patrons attend. The next Theatre Buford play will be a production of “Footloose”.  City Manager, Bryan Kerlin gave his report. The downtown parking deck work is progressing as is electrical work in Jones Alley. They are updating plans for Moreno Street. The new Buford High School is nearing completion with landscape installation, final flooring installation, interior cleaning, exterior finishes, the remainder of concrete work, fencing and lighting, athletic field installation and road work.    They anticipate being able to start moving in furniture soon. Various gas, water, electrical, and stormwater projects are ongoing. The electric department is working closely with Cardinal Glass on its expansion project.

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