BUFORD — Two separate incidents during the first few days of September saw tempers flare and guns being flashed. While looking through recent police reports, two reports dated September 2 and 5 stood out as a concern for public safety.
The first incident occurred on September 2 in the parking lot of the Mall of Georgia. Wallace of Flowery Branch called police to report that another driver, Quan Tran of Valdosta had pointed a gun at him. Tran gave his version of the events which did not match Wallace’s.
Tran’s vehicle was equipped with a dash camera that the officer viewed. The officer observed Wallace stop at the stop sign and Tran honked at him. Wallace began yelling and making hand gestures at Tran. Tran yelled back and followed Wallace’s vehicle coming to a stop. Wallace and his passenger got out of their car yelling at Tran when the officer observed Wallace slightly lift his shirt to flash a handgun at Tran. More yelling happened before Tran left the parking lot and officers were called. Both parties were advised to leave the parking lot and avoid further contact. No arrests were made.
On September 5, Scott Laury Valise of Conyers reported to police that while on I-985 SB a gray/silver Dodge Challenger (Florida Tag JNNP98) was in front of her driving slowly so she passed him in the left lane. She said the driver got upset, tried to ram her vehicle, and passed her on the left in the grass median. Valise also claimed that the suspect pointed a silver handgun at her three times and either shot her car or threw a hard object at it. No damage or bullet holes were found in her vehicle by the officer. Even though law enforcement was on the lookout, the suspect vehicle was never located.
Incidents like these are becoming more of a concern for people’s safety. In an ever-increasing fashion, people are being “bullies” of the road intimidating others by flashing a handgun. One can only hope that it never goes too far and lives are lost.

— By Nicole Burns

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