Each year, the Georgia High School Association holds a Literary Competition for high school students to showcase their talents in areas such as writing, speech, singing and dramatic interpretation. Students from schools in each GHSA region compete and represent their schools in hopes of winning the region championship and having a chance to compete at the state competition. 

The competition is structured much like a track meet, with individual top four finishes earning points for the team, and the team with the most points at the end of the day wins the state championship

Earlier this month, the Buford High School Literary Team won the region competition and secured another trip to the state championship. In 2015, Buford set a record for the most consecutive state championships with seven. This year, the team extended that record-holding streak to 12 consecutive state wins with a dominant showing over the other 6A schools. The Buford team breezed past the competition at this year’s event, easily securing another win and another trophy for the school.

This year’s team featured performances from some Buford High School’s most prolific writers, speakers, actors and singers: Monroe Harless (senior), Lauryn Brown (senior), Torin Smith (senior), Asher Thornton (senior), Ross Wilson (senior), Sydney Holton, Mara Eva Cline, Dylan Appling, Rachel Bryson, Alyssa Lovern, Carter Hamby (senior), Mason Fenno (senior), Geo Nam and Mauricio Garduno Rea. The team finished with 47 points, while the second place team, Lee County, finished with only 22. Buford earned points from several individual top finishes:

• Extemporaneous Speaking — Domestic: Monroe Harless (1st)

• Oral Interpretation — Humorous: Sydney Holton (1st)

• Oral Interpretation — Duo: Asher Thornton, Ross Wilson (1st)

• Essay — Argumentative: Monroe Harless (2nd)

• Essay — Rhetorical: Torin Smith (3rd)

• Girls Solo: Mara Ava Cline (2nd)

• Trio: Mara Eva Cline, Rachael Bryson, Alyssa Lovern (2nd)

• Quartet: Mauricio Garduño-Rea, Dylan Appling, Mason Fenno, Geo Nam (1st) 

We would like to congratulate all of the excellent performers for their incredible showing at the state Literary Competition who worked hard to keep the legacy alive. Go Wolves!

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