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The Buford High School Book Club was first created in October 2019 by three BHS students: Adriana Cascio, a senior, Jimmy Ragazino, a junior, and Emily Hammond, a senior. Ninth-grade literature teacher Mr. Gillis is the teacher sponsor for the book club. Originally, the club was founded as a creative outlet for students to get together and rejoice in reading, however, it quickly turned into something so much more — a tight-knit group of friends. 

As a whole, all individuals vote on the books chosen by the heads of the club, some of which are suggested by the club members themselves. During these gatherings, students discuss what they both adored and despised about the novel they previously read. They eat donuts and appreciate each other’s conversation through a typical interest. These gatherings are held once every month, consistently on a Wednesday morning.

Co-President Adriana Cascio speaks on her motivation for founding the club.

“I used to love reading as a kid, but I lost the pleasure of reading once I was forced to read for school. After I started reading novels that weren’t for school, I fell in love with reading once again,” she said. “I wanted to be able to give other students the opportunity to find their love for reading, too. Honestly, I wanted to create something where students could come together and enjoy reading without the stress of grades and school.”

When the club held its first meeting in October 2019, Adriana, Jimmy and Emily all expected very few students to show up. What they didn’t know, however, was that many students, just like themselves, had a secret love for reading and were intrigued with the idea of a book club. More than 20 students attended the first informational meeting, and since then, the club has grown tremendously, exceeding 40 members.

“My favorite part of the book club is looking for books to put in each month’s selection,” Jimmy said. “Other members’ recommendations are always interesting, and, when I run out of books that I can think of off the top of my head, it’s fun to explore various book-related sites to find new novels.”

Although two of the book club’s presidents will be graduating in 2021, the club will continue to prosper under new leadership for many more years to come. Hopefully, many new students will find their love for reading once again and be able to enjoy the simplicity of the club itself. 

Emily Hammond

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