During the month of February, educators at Buford City Schools help students celebrate Black History Month. Each school has its own unique way to share with its students the many influential African Americans and their many achievements. The Diversity and Inclusion Program even hosted its inaugural BCS Black History Month Poetry Contest.

At Buford Elementary School, students were able to view a book display that featured authors, illustrators and characters who were African American. BES added a local element to its Black History Month celebration by displaying photos of local African Americans who are visible in the Buford community. 

Each class has picked an African American — local community members, famous modern or famous historical — for the class to research together. 

“They are making a slideshow to share and in technology class they are going to have a final product teaching others about their famous African American,” said Katie Rope, BES media specialist.

Classes receive a new “mystery” bag every day that contains a picture, a paragraph and a prop featuring a new African American who ranges from the historical to modern-day to learn about.

The classrooms and hallways at Buford Middle School are lined with displays for Black History Month. Sixth graders studied African American scientists and inventors in their science classes. They then created banners to display in the hallways on the people they learned about. 

Seventh graders learned about the Tuskegee Airmen and other African American military leaders. They are in the process of creating posters to display in the hallways. In their Language Arts classes, students completed two projects that went on display in the seventh grade hallway. The first project consisted of them researching famous African Americans and making resumes for them that show off their accomplishments. For the second project, students analyzed quotes from African Americans and then completed a research project that they had to present to the class.

Eighth grade students during the month of February learned about the early Civil Rights Movement in Georgia studies. The students have been working on various projects using their newly acquired knowledge.

The BMS Media Center played host to its Tuskegee Airmen Museum where students can “listen to interviews, examine primary sources, read texts and watch videos to learn more about the contributions of this extraordinary group.”

Through the hard work of the Diversity and Inclusion Program, the staff at Buford City Schools taught students about the many contributions African Americans have made to our society. 

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