Two Buford restaurants failed recent health inspections conducted by the Georgia Department of Health. 

Jinya Ramen Bar at 2925 Buford Drive, Building 1205, had a routine inspection conducted Monday, April 25, and after numerous violations were found, the restaurant received a failing score of 49 U. 

Also failing its recent routine inspection was Mall of Georgia Maki of Japan at 3333 Buford Drive, Suite 1076. The restaurant was evaluated by a health inspector Monday, May 2, and received a score of 66 U. 

The inspection of Jinya Ramen Bar found the restaurant to not only have numerous violations, but six violations were found to be the second consecutive time those violations were found. Jinya Ramen Bar also failed its routine inspection Tuesday, Feb. 22, with a score of 54 U.

Repeat violations included a lack of managerial control measures, a bus tub of dirty dishes was stored in front of a handwashing sink, unwashed produce was stored above ready-to-eat foods, food was not being held at the proper temperature, an employee was found to be wearing a watch and bracelet while handling food and old stickers/labels/residue was left on utensils and containers stacked as clean.

Jinya Ramen Bar had a follow-up visit from the health inspector on Thursday, May 5, and the restaurant received a passing score of 96 A. The one violation observed during that inspection was for in use wiping cloths that were stored in a bucket with not enough sanitizing solution.

During Maki of Japan’s Monday, May 2, inspection, multiple violations were noted. Significant violations included a repeat violation for an accumulation of debris in the ice machine and on the inside of the tea nozzle, raw foods stored over ready-to-eat foods, no soap in the only hand washing sink, WD-40 stored over the prep table and slicer and a build-up of debris on the hood over the flat top. Another violation of concern was the restaurant was using WD-40 as the lubricant for the food slicer. WD-40 is not a food-grade lubricant and it could leak out of the slicer getting onto food.

A follow-up inspection for Maki of Japan is to occur within 11 business days of the routine inspection.

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