UPDATE:  Iron Age passed their follow-up inspection conducted on May 26, 2022, with a score of 98 A.

ORIGINAL:  A local Buford restaurant failed its routine health inspection twice in less than three months. Iron Age, located near the Mall of Georgia at 3480 Financial Center Way, Suite M-1020, was inspected on Tuesday, May 17, and received a failing score of 45 U.

This visit came less than three months from the date of another routine health inspection that the restaurant also failed. That inspection took place on Tuesday, March 8, and the score on that date was 48 U. A follow-up inspection was conducted Wednesday, March 16, and Iron Age received a passing score of 91 A.

Iron Age was found to be in violation of several codes that were also observed during previous inspections. A third consecutive violation was noted for “individual rice bowls and large rice pan stored in the hot-hold unit not being maintained at 135 degrees fahrenheit, holding overnight” and glass noodles with vegetables being stored at room temperature.

The restaurant received second consecutive violations for “mold-like buildup in the ice machine,” not having the parasite destruction documentation for the shrimp that is served raw, chemicals not properly labeled, improper storage of food, an employee portioning food and not wearing a hair net, improperly stored clean dishes that were wet, prep table shelves lined by rusty aluminum foil and old residue from stickers still on clean containers not in use.

Additional violations observed included no paper towels at the hand sink, employee drinks in the prep area, severely damaged cans of pineapple, an in-use utensil stored in dirty 70 degree water and gaps around the front doors which, could allow insects or rodents to enter the facility.  

A follow-up inspection is to be conducted within 10 business days.

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