BMS Comp Cheer 2020

BUFORD — Buford hosted the Buford Holiday Cheer Classic on Saturday, Dec. 5, at the Buford Arena. Competition cheer squads for local schools competed at the meet, including several middle school squads.

Buford Middle School came in first place in the middle school division at the meet. This meant a lot to the team as they had to adjust their whole routine last minute. On Friday night, just one night before the competition, several members of the squad were told they could not compete. They had been contact traced and would have to quarantine. So come Saturday morning during warm-ups, the team had to change up its routine to account for the quarantined team members not being present. The team held up under these trying circumstances and performed beautifully when it was their turn in front of the judges.

The first-place victory at the Buford Holiday Cheer Classic was the team’s third straight first-place finish this season. They placed first at Mill Creek and Lanier, as well. The team’s very first competition of the season was at South Forsyth where they finished second. Not content to place second, the team went back to work and adjusted their routine. It must have worked because the girls have been on a roll since.

The team finished out their season with another first-place finish.  This time victory came at the Bulldog Classic on Saturday, Dec. 19 at North Gwinnett High School. 

The BMS Competition Cheer team finishes out their 2020 season with four first-place finishes and one second-place finish.  The future of the sport of competitive cheerleading at Buford looks bright. 

The Buford Middle School Competition Cheer team is coached by Caroline Parker, who teaches language arts at Buford High School. This is only the third year for the BMS Competition Cheer program. The team won state last year, but due to COVID-19, it’s unlikely they will have a state competition this year.


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