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BUFORD — Buford City Schools announced on June 8 at the Buford Board of Education monthly meeting that the school system will resume in-person instruction on August 5, the original 2020-2021 school year start date.  Last week, the school system announced that they have purchased Chromebooks for every student to bridge the technology gap.

On Monday, another announcement came from Buford’s Central Office in regards to the upcoming school year.  Buford will join a growing list of other school systems like the Gwinnett County Public School System that is giving students and their families the option to enroll in digital learning.

In a survey sent to parents, a majority of parents said that they want to send their students back to school on August 5, others had their reservations about doing so.  With the numbers of COVID-19 back on the rise, this is a growing concern to some.

The school system recently made investments in new software to utilize for digital learning.  They stress that digital learning in the fall will not be the same as digital learning was this spring.  Students will be held accountable for attendance, accountability, and grades like they would if they were doing in-person learning.  Digital learning will require a significant commitment from parents to provide adequate support to their children.

Digital learning will last the same duration as in-person instruction which is a standard 90-day semester.

BCS will be releasing more details on its digital learning offerings in an email to parents on July 10.

— Staff Reports

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