By Amy Davis

BES Kindergarten play
Buford Elementary Kindergarten students patiently await their turn on stage at the Fine Arts Center.  Photo courtesy Susan Lanza

To children, the world is a playground of experience to learn from like a teacher who uses fun as a tool to tutor their students. The newest generation is proving that if playtime and schooling are combined in just the right way – nothing can stop them! Buford Elementary teachers have found an inspirational outlet for their classes, using a storybook character named “Pete the Cat” (created by Eric Litwin) to bump their teaching to the next level! On February 7th, the entirety of Buford’s Kindergarten classes came together in a lively performance about a day in Pete the Cat’s shoes!

The students sang songs dedicated to the importance of school, being the best YOU that you can be, and to just keep going when things get tough. Upon the Buford Fine Arts Center auditorium stage, a flurry of sweet notes and rockin’ dance moves entertained the audience for five cute songs. “Rocking in Our School Shoes” and “Give It Your All” showed that every student involved had a cat-titude unique to them alone! For them, this was more than just a play – it was a form of self-expression!

When talking to Christi Lenz, the musical director of the Pete the Cat production, she proclaimed, “[The performance] was pure energy!” She continued on to mention how well the play went, giving the children credit for their hard work and excellent singing. Lenz concluded by saying, “We have a great group of kids at the Buford Elementary School”. Based on her words of glee, it must be an honor to work with this generation of kindergarten classes!

Buford City Schools has a reputation for putting on wonderful shows, regardless of age or grade level. The great dancing and singing from the young students demonstrate how they can hit their production right out of the ballpark! Nothing can stand in the way of those Buford students thanks to Pete the Cat and his useful lessons!

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