The most significant and perhaps most controversial piece of business brought before the Buford Board of Commissioners at its monthly meeting Monday, June 6, at the Buford Arena was that of a land annexation in South Hall.

The properties in question are a combined 13.371 acres at 6611 and 6633 McEver Road owned by Gregory Bostwick of Flowery Branch.

Bostwick applied to have the properties annexed with a similar zoning into the city of Buford. Under Hall County, the property was zoned agricultural residential and the similar rezoning in the city would be RA-200.

This annexation request received opposition from several nearby landowners, including Teresa Cantrell, who was the representative for the Hinton Family LLLP that runs a women’s recovery shelter on property that neighbors the land up for annexation. Before starting her verbal opposition, she submitted a formal letter of opposition and asked that it go on record. 

During her verbal opposition, Cantrell voiced concerns over the property owner’s future intentions, saying she fears he will sell to someone wishing to add another industrial development. She mentioned other parcels of land along McEver that were annexed and rezoned to light industrial by the city of Buford. Cantrell said she would like to see the property be residential to fit in with the other residential properties nearby.

Commission Chairman Phillip Beard addressed Cantrell’s concerns by saying the city has not received a rezoning request, only an annexation with a similar zoning, and that Cantrell was opposing something that has not even happened. He told her it would be a year before the property owner could apply for rezoning and that it would be then she could voice her concerns if the city were to receive a rezoning request.

Two additional nearby property owners also voiced their concerns over the annexation in light of other land on McEver that was annexed into the city for light industrial use purposes. 

The commissioners voted unanimously to approve the annexation of 6611 and 6633 McEver Road.

CIV Friendship Business Park I LLC applied for annexation and rezoning for 76.34 acres at 4789 Bennett Road and requested the zoning change from AR-III to M-1 to allow for three buildings totaling 931,000 square feet. No one was present to speak in opposition and the commissioners voted unanimously to approve the application.

Buford annexed a total of 93.011 acres into the city limits during Monday night’s meeting, all of which were in Hall County.

Another notable piece of business that came up for vote before the commissioners was an application to allow a car wash at 3750 Buford Drive. Tidal Wave Auto Spa operates other car washes nearby, including the one at Lanier Islands Parkway. City Manager Bryan Kerlin was not satisfied with the window samples the applicant brought in and said the tint has to be dark enough as to not be able to see inside of the car wash from the street. The applicant agreed and the commission voted to unanimously approve the application.

The commissioners also voted unanimously to add Juneteenth to the city’s recognized holidays. Juneteenth is celebrated annually on June 19.

Todd Cleveland with the Buford Community Center reminded those present that a free outdoor concert is taking place at 7 p.m. Saturday, June 18, featuring Queen Nation. He also said the BCC has ordered parts for the fountains and that they should be opening soon for families to enjoy after having been closed for two years due to COVID-19. 

The next meeting of the Buford Board of Commissioners will be held Monday, July 18, at the Buford Arena.

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