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Identical twin sisters Isabelle and Sophie Brewer, both seniors at Buford High School, share a love for the arts and the sport of tennis — both have taken art classes all four years of high school and were members of the BHS varsity tennis team from ninth through 11th grade while still playing tennis in their free time during their senior year. 

Izzy and Sophie are the daughters of Craig and Sandi Brewer — Sandi is a fifth grade English/language arts teacher at Buford Senior Academy. The twins have an older sister, Olivia, who is 22 and graduated from BHS in 2017. 

The twins are “lifetimers,” having attended Buford City Schools from kindergarten through their senior year and also attended Buford City Schools Daycare. Both have 4.0 GPAa and have taken honors and Advanced Placement courses. 

When asked what area of Triple A Excellence — excellence in academics, athletics and arts — they think they most represent, both said the area of arts. 

“Although I think I excel in every area, my favorite, and the one I enjoy the most, is the arts category,” Izzy said. “I have remained consistently with different art forms throughout my high school career, and I have enjoyed every moment of it.” 

The twins have taken art classes all four years of high school, including a visual art class and several courses in drawing and painting. Izzy received first place in the Advanced Art category at the system wide art show in 2022, and Sophie received an honorable mention for a piece entered into the Atlantic High School Art Exhibition. Izzy also received an honorable mention at the 2021 Shuler Awards for scenic design for the production of “Bright Star.” Both twins have been part of the tech crew for the Wolf Pack Players building sets for productions and creating props and other elements. 

Izzy and Sophie share extracurricular activities, including Beta Club, the National Honor Society, the National Art Honor Society and Thespian Society, and they volunteer at the North Gwinnett Co-op. 

When asked which class they would stay in all day if they could, the twins had the same answer. 

“I would stay in my art class with Mrs. Barge because she is very laid back, funny, and supportive,” Sophie said. 

“Art … with Mrs. Barge,” Izzy said. “I love doing anything art related and I use art to de-stress many days. In art class I feel relaxed and I’m able to let  my creativity shine through my work.” 

Kim Barge is also Izzy’s favorite teacher. 

“The atmosphere she has created in her classroom is something I haven’t been able to find in any of  my other teachers,” Izzy said. “If I need any help with a personal problem or if I just need someone to talk to, I know Mrs. Barge is going to be there for me. To me, and many other fourth year art students, we see Mrs. Barge as a friend more than a teacher.” 

Sophie’s favorite teacher is Mrs. Lister. 

“She teaches AP Lang and I had her last year,” Sophie said. “She was a very good teacher and was extremely easy to talk to. She made sure that you were comfortable in class and were doing okay (in general/mental health wise). She also made the lessons fun and interesting and made sure that everyone felt welcomed in her classroom.”

The twins will both attend the University of Georgia in the fall with plans to study areas related to art — Sophie is interested in graphic design. Both want to be remembered by the Buford community as students who were nice to others, as well as artistic and creative. 

The Buford City Schools Student Spotlight is made possible by the generosity of the City of Buford.

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