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“I write like it’s going out of style and it’s probably my favorite thing to do,” says Buford High School senior Anna Williams, whose published work appears in the 10th anniversary edition of the book “Good Enough is the New Perfect” by Becky Beaupre Gillespie and Hollee Schwartz Temple.

“Any sort of opportunity I have in class to write creatively has had such a big impact on my life,” she says. 

Anna, who has attended Buford City Schools for the past six years, recalls a specific creative writing project from her sophomore year in Mrs. Jennifer Pinkerton’s class in which she was asked to compile a portfolio of vignettes she had written. 

“It was through this project that I truly discovered my passion and skill in writing,” Anna says. “That assignment opened the door for me to attend (the Governor’s Honors Program in communicative arts) to write, and (that program) had an impact on my skills, but also my outlook on life.” 

Anna enjoys writing and wants to share that love — she’s working to possibly start a creative writing club at Buford. She also wants to pursue additional opportunities to publish her work. 

“Currently, I am putting together a collection of my writings that I hope to publish one day,” she says, “and I know I wouldn’t have been in a place where I ever thought this was possible without the creative opportunities provided to me at school.” 

In addition to writing, Anna has other artistic pursuits — she been part of the dance program at BHS since 2019, and she dances with the ballet company at Buford School of Ballet. 

Anna, who has a 3.95 GPA and has been named a College Board AP Scholar, is also a member of the Literary Team and was region champion for domestic extemporaneous speaking for 2022. She is involved in Spanish Club, Beta Club and NHS and serves as a tutor. 

In the area of athletics, Anna was a member of the varsity girls lacrosse team from 2019 to 2020. 

Anna, who is the daughter of Thomas Williams and the late Nikki Williams, says her parents have been the most influential people in her life. 

“I know it’s cheesy and the expected answer, but I’m so grateful for them,” Anna says. “My mom always taught me to always be kind and that I can overcome anything with enough work. She passed away a couple of years ago, but I know she is still encouraging me to make the best out of what I have and to keep going towards my dreams, no matter how far away they seem.”

Anna says her father has been a beacon of light. 

“He always tells me exactly what I need to hear and will remind me how capable I am when I think a situation is hopeless,” she says. “I don’t expect him to be holding pom-poms any time soon, but I know deep down he’s my biggest cheerleader and I’m so grateful for everything he’s done for my life.” 

Anna has a brother, Liam, who also attends Buford High School. Anna says she never passes up a DQ (Dairy Queen) run with her little brother. 

As for the advice she would impart to Liam and other underclassmen at Buford High School, “Don’t compare yourself to other people’s plans, timelines, or achievements. Success can be defined in so many ways and you have to decide what it looks like for you. The worst thing you can do in high school is to rob yourself of happiness by deciding you want to be like someone else; I promise that whoever you are is just as amazing.” 

After high school, Anna plans to attend a four-year university with hopes to major in writing and study in the areas of foreign language and philosophy.

Photos by Stacie Renea Photography.

The Buford City Schools Student Spotlight is made possible by the generosity of the City of Buford.

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