Jack LelandMeet Jack Leland, an eighth-grader at Buford Middle School. Jack is the son of Aaron and Kerri Leland, and sibling to Whitney, Preston, and Maggie Leland, a senior at Buford High School. Jack, who started school in the Buford City School Systems five years ago, and the Lelands are active participants in the Buford community.  As a 14-year-old, Jack is making his community proud- his recent accomplishments and continued excellence reflect incredibly well on both the school system and the city. 

Jack spends his time engaging with the Buford community in several ways. Merely participating is not Jack’s way, and he will work hard to be the best. As the president of FBLA, appropriately titled, Future Business Leaders of America, Jack steps up and stands out among his fellow peers. This club focuses on inspiring youth to think deeply, exchange creative ideas on business topics, and educate themselves about the world outside their current surroundings. Jack comments on his position as president, saying, “ I enjoy learning about leadership firsthand and gaining skills that will help me in future positions.”

Additionally, Jack enjoys volunteering in different political campaigns. Jack has gone door to door with Congressman Rob Woodall and made calls for the Governor of Georgia, Brian Kemp. When asked about his experiences working firsthand with these state politicians, Jack stated, “I learned a lot from both men, including how to focus on important decisions to my reach my future goals.” Between leading FBLA at Buford Middle and volunteering in political affairs, Jack clearly has a heart for leadership and service. 

In the classroom, Jack displays the same drive and hard-working attitude. Given his interest in politics, it is no surprise that Jack’s favorite subject is Social Studies, particularly U.S. History and American Government. Jack’s interest in these subjects is much more than simple curiosity; in fact, Jack plans on turning this interest into his career. “I would love to be a politician,” says Jack. “Most people call me Mr. President Leland around the school, and it is a well-known fact that my ultimate dream is to become the President of the United States.” Considering his most recent accomplishment, Jack seems well on his way to achieving his goals. 

This past week, Jack was selected to serve on State Superintendent Richard Woods’ Student Advisory Council. As one of 60 middle school students and 70 high school students chosen, Jack’s acceptance is impressive. Jack will serve as an ambassador from Buford Middle and is responsible for engaging in discussions concerning education at a state level. “I am excited to work with students across the state to discuss how educational standards are serving my peers and what we, as students, can do to improve the educational system,” Jack remarks on the position. Buford Superintendent, Dr. Robert Downs, also comments on the subject with high praise, saying, “Jack possesses the ability to succeed at whatever he pursues. His involvement and commitment to the Buford community, while striving to be the best student, inspires many other students.” 

When Jack isn’t leading clubs, volunteering on political campaigns, or diligently working on schoolwork, he is still keeping up with politics on both a state and national level. Jack enjoys monitoring elections across the country and seeing how the process varies from state to state. Outside of politics, Jack loves watching college football and cheering on the Clemson Tigers. 

Jack is known around his school and community as a successful and driven young man. He sets goals for himself and strives to achieve them, a trait that is rare in most students his age. Jack Leland is everything a Buford Wolf should be – intelligent, accomplished, and a leader.  In the future, we may be voting him into office and we can proudly claim him as one of our own.

— By Regan Saunders

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