Tommy Olawole is an eighth grader at Buford Middle School. He was born right here in Buford, where he has lived his whole life. Tommy has two older brothers at Buford High School, Timi and Tobi. Tobi is a junior this year, and Timi is a senior. Both Timi and Tobi play on the football team. Tommy started at Buford in kindergarten, but before that, he attended the preschool near Buford City Hall, where he was taught by Ms. Tasha and Ms. Angela.

Tommy is already a busy student at the middle school, participating in many extracurricular activities. The past two years, he has run on the BMS track team, and he plans to run again this year. In addition to running track, Tommy is on the BMS Debate Team, Technology Student Association (TSA), Win TV (the BMS weekly news show) and he is part of the concert band. Tommy is the president of TSA and a very active member of the Debate Team. He strives to win all of his debates and preside at all TSA meetings. To date, he has only lost one debate, and he has never missed a meeting. Tommy also finished in sixth place in the state competition last year for TSA.

In his free time, Tommy likes to keep himself informed on current events. He likes to watch the news and he actively keeps up with American politics. Tommy is also an avid reader. He loves to read books about social sciences and autobiographies. He has also recently begun experimenting in the kitchen as he is learning how to cook.

Tommy is an excellent student at BMS, and he looks forward to continuing his success at the high school level. His favorite subject in school, by far, is social studies. Tommy loves to learn about all sorts of topics in social studies, but wars, government and geography are his favorites. Despite his love for social studies, Tommy’s favorite class he has taken at BMS is family and consumer sciences, where students learn certain life skills like cooking and sewing.

Tommy’s favorite teacher at Buford is Mrs. Oates. He has known her son Colin since the two were in kindergarten, and he currently has her for his social studies class this year. Tommy said she is very welcoming and her class is interesting and comfortable for him when he walks in every day.

While he still has lots of time to make some decisions while in high school, right now Tommy plans to attend college and major in political science with a pre-law concentration. He wants to use his love of social studies and government, as well as politics, to help him to get into politics, and hopefully become a member of the U.S. Congress. Tommy will surely continue his high level of academic success as he transitions from middle school into high school. His dedication and hard work will undoubtedly pay off for him, both in high school and beyond. Best of luck to Tommy in his last year of middle school and his transition into high school. Go Wolves!

— Torin Smith

The Buford City Schools Student of the Week spotlight is made possible by the generosity of the City of Buford.

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