Meet Matthew Caymol, a senior at Buford High School. Matthew is the son of Angie and Mateo Caymol, and he was born in Atlanta and raised in Suwanee. Matthew first came to Buford in the seventh grade. Matthew has two siblings, Logan, 21, and Andrew, who passed away at 11 in 2015. Matthew’s older sister, Logan, was a Buford High School graduate from the class of 2018. This week, Matthew is being honored as the Student of the Week because of his commitment to learning, the perseverance he has shown throughout the years and his success both inside and outside the classroom.

Matthew has excelled academically and socially during high school, thanks to his excellent grades and involvement in extracurricular activities. He has a cumulative GPA of 3.59 and has served as the varsity baseball manager for three years. DECA, a club that prepares young leaders and entrepreneurs in marketing, banking, hospitality and management in high schools and colleges around the world, was also a big part of Matthew’s life. Matthew was a DECA member for three years. In fact, Matthew’s favorite extracurricular activity that he has participated in is DECA. He said it has taught him to reach out of his comfort zone. 

Matthew’s favorite subject in high school has been social studies because he loves learning about the cultures of the world. Mrs. Paula Bennet has been his favorite teacher. Matthew said she has helped him so much during his time at Buford that he can’t help but appreciate all that she has done for him. 

In his free time, Matthew enjoys hanging out with his friends and family and watching sports. 

After high school, Matthew plans to attend Clemson University, where he will be able to pursue an undergraduate degree in sports communications. He will be attending Clemson through the bridge program at Tri-County Technical College. Matthew said his love for sports, sports statistics and sports information has inspired him to study sports communications in college. 

“I chose Clemson because my whole family went there for college and I really love the campus and people up there,” he said. 

Not only did both of Matthew’s parents, Mateo and Angie, attend Clemson, but his older sister, Logan, is also a softball scholarship student at Clemson. To say the Caymol family is Tiger-blooded would be an understatement; we didn’t expect anything less than Matthew to attend Clemson! 

Matthew’s marketing pathway at Buford High School was one of the classes that motivated him to pursue sports communications in college. Matthew started this journey as a freshman, and by his junior year, he had the opportunity to specialize in sports marketing. Matthew chose sports marketing as a career path because of his passion for sports, and after taking the class, he realized he wanted to pursue it as a career.

Matthew is wise beyond his years. One piece of advice Matthew wishes to leave behind for underclassmen at Buford High School is to appreciate life. 

“Cherish your time with your friends and family because you’ll never know what might happen in the future,” he said. 

Matthew Caymol is unquestionably a promising Buford High School student. He is intelligent, kind and well-liked by both his classmates and teachers. There are only positive things to say about Matthew Caymol!  Buford is proud of Matthew’s achievements because he is everything a true Wolf should be: hardworking, strong and determined. Congratulations on everything you’ve accomplished, Matthew! We are confident that you can go on to do great things in life, and we hope to see you on ESPN one day!

The Buford City Schools Student of the Week spotlight is made possible by the generosity of the City of Buford.

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