Meet Tiffany Reyes, a senior at Buford High School. Tiffany was born in Lawrenceville to Pedro Reyes and Juana Alejo, and she has been raised in Buford her whole life. Tiffany has two sisters — Daleana, 19, and Mia Reyes-Alejo, 5. Tiffany’s older sister Daleana is a Buford lifetimer and she was a part of the class of 2020. Her little sister Mia is in kindergarten at Buford Elementary. Tiffany has attended Buford City Schools since kindergarten, making her a lifetimer alongside her sister Daleana. 

Throughout her time at Buford High School, Tiffany Reyes has exceeded all expectations. She has taken a total of eight AP, college level courses, with the rest of her classes being honors-level. Tiffany currently holds an unweighted GPA of 4.0 and is ranked fourth in her class of 359 students. To say Tiffany excels at school would be an understatement.

Tiffany’s favorite subjects at Buford are both math and science. Tiffany said math has always been one of the more easier subjects for her and one she enjoys. Meanwhile, Tiffany enjoys science because it is always an interesting subject where the labs are always fun.  

Although it was hard for her to pick just one, Tiffany’s favorite teacher is Mr. Wig, the AP statistics teacher at Buford High School. 

“[Mr. Wig] was my AP statistics teacher and he managed to make the hard class fun,” Tiffany said. “His teaching style is uniquely aesthetic in the fact that he teaches and puts effort in his presentations, and when a teacher shows effort in these little things, it inspires you to want to do back the same.

“He is not only a good teacher, though, he is also a great person who wants all of his students to achieve success, both in and out of the classroom,” Tiffany added. 

Alongside academics, Tiffany is heavily involved in the student body and extracurricular activities. Tiffany has been a part of HOSA for two years, Key Club for three years, the BHS Writing Center for one year, HOPE club for two years, National Honor Society for two years and Beta club for three years. Last year, Tiffany was a part of the HOPE tutoring team, where she helped tutor and translate for other HOPE high school students. 

When asked what her favorite extracurricular activity was, Tiffany said it was HOSA. 

“HOSA has helped me explore different health care careers and further my want of helping others through caring for their health,” she said. “It has taught me the importance of being prepared as well as serving others.”

In her free time, Tiffany enjoys going on Instagram and YouTube, as well as watching different movies and shows on Hulu and Netflix. She is currently binge watching “Criminal Minds.”  

After graduating from Buford this upcoming May, Tiffany plans to attend college where she will be able to earn a degree in biology in hopes of preparing for the MCAT and medical school. Tiffany is not 100 percent set on one college yet, however, she has her eyes focused on Georgia Tech. 

Without a doubt, Tiffany Reyes is a true Buford Wolf. She is a hard-working, dedicated, intelligent and driven young woman who will surely go on to change the world. Congratulations, Tiffany! Keep up the great work!

The Buford City Schools Student of the Week spotlight is made possible by the generosity of the City of Buford.

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