Kara Scoggins
Kara Scoggins is an active and spirited senior at BHS. Photo — Lily McGregor

Meet Kara Scoggins, an active and spirited senior at Buford High School. Kara is the daughter of Leanne and Shannon Scoggins and the sister of Garrett Scoggins, a 2017 BHS alumni. Since her move to Buford in the fifth grade, Kara has grown and excelled in athletics, arts, and academics, truly embodying the ‘Triple A’ mentality that characterizes Buford City Schools. 

Dedicated is the most optimal adjective to describe Kara. In all aspects of her life, she refuses to perform with less than her best effort. At BHS, there are many activities of which Kara is involved, including programs such as BHS Dance, and clubs such as NHS and Beta. Within these clubs, Kara strives to give back to her community and values the tradition of serving they have inspired in and around her. 

In the athletic department, Kara’s participation as a Varsity Cheerleader is a role she treasures and prioritizes. Having been a cheerleader at BHS for all four years of high school, Kara has grown with her team and as a leader; she was honored to be chosen as captain on this year’s team. Kara shares, “I love supporting my community in this role. The unity that ties Buford together is like nothing else, and I am thankful to be a part of it.” 

In addition to athletics, Kara is an outstanding student at Buford High School, with impeccable grades and a strong work ethic. By the time high school is over, Kara will have taken 6 AP classes. Despite her intense and rigorous course schedule, Kara has maintained a 4.0 GPA, an admirable achievement that serves as proof of her dedication. Kara comments on her hard work coming to fruition, saying, “I am so proud of my academic progress and am thankful to continue my education in college.” 

Kara doesn’t just shine in her core classes but stands out as a top-performing student in her elective classes as well. In an effort to challenge herself, Kara completed the three-year Healthcare elective course offered at BHS, knowing she wanted to pursue a career in the subject. Kara shares that her three-year Healthcare teacher, Coach Rogers, is the most influential teacher of her high school experience. “Coach Rogers truly cares for his students and aspired to make each day in class meaningful and engaging,” Kara says. “His class presented me with numerous opportunities as I enter the next phase of my life.” Indeed, thanks to Kara’s stellar performance in Healthcare and Coach Roger’s guidance, Kara has now opened avenues that will lead her into a promising professional career. 

Utilizing the extensive knowledge she gained from her Healthcare course, Kara is now an intern at ProCare Prosthetics and Orthotics in Buford. Kara is a Work-Based Learner at BHS, taking two periods out of the school day to intern for ProCare. During the week, Kara’s work ranges from organizing supplies to visualizing the inner functions of the facility such as the fabrication of prosthetic limbs. “The amazing staff at ProCare allows me to join them in patient appointments,” Kara says. “Meeting patients at ProCare has been a life-changing inspiration and puts my own struggles into perspective.” Through her internship at ProCare, Kara is also able to jumpstart her future career in physical therapy, receiving training and experience she needs before heading to college.

Ultimately, Kara’s participation in numerous activities, both in and out of school, has taught her balance, allowing her to explore the different components of Triple A Excellence. As a student-athlete, hard-working intern, and active member of her community. Kara is a wonderful example of the bright, well-rounded students that populate Buford City Schools.  She is a Wolf through and through.

By: Regan Saunders


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