Buford Academy student Khalep Gomez reached a significant milestone in his journey as a young reader — during the 2021-2022 school year, Khalep began reading chapter books! 

“Khalep has been on a reading mission,” his teacher, Mrs. Roach, said. “He was determined to learn his sight words and to move up reading levels.”

Showing the most significant growth of all students in his first grade class, Khalep moved up nine levels during the school year.  

“He has worked so hard and it has definitely paid off,” Mrs. Roach said. “He crushed his goals! Everyone at Buford Academy is extremely proud of him!”

Khalep’s favorite book series follows a first grade student named Pedro in a series written by Fran Manushkin. 

“Khalep really likes to read about Pedro because he can relate to Pedro and all the fun things Pedro does in his books,” said Lana Nix, media specialist at Buford Academy. 

 Outside of school, Khalep, who is now in second grade, enjoys playing on his iPad and playing outside with his friends. He also likes to play soccer with his cousins, and he really enjoys playing marbles with his 12-year-old sister, Siomara. Khalep also has a brother, Jessie, who is 18. Khalep’s mom is Catarina. 

“Khalep, we are all so very happy and proud of you,” Nix said. “We cannot wait to see what you do (this coming school year) and watch your reading soar even higher.” 

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