Imagine you’re an elementary school girl or boy sitting in the stands at a Buford High School basketball game cheering on your favorite players and picturing yourself one day on that same court taking a pass and running the ball down the court for a game-winning lay-up. What better way to increase a child’s interest for the sport they long to play than a summer camp where that child gets to not only meet his or her favorite players, but also learn about the game from their perspectives? 

“When the little ones who sit in the stands and watch the (high school) play have the opportunity to talk and work with the (high school) kids, it is like making dreams come true,” said Tony Wolfe, athletic director for Buford High School. “Our (high school) students understand what it means to be a role model a little more after working camp.”

Buford Sports Camps offered through the Buford High School Athletic Department provide opportunities for kids to learn about several sports from their role models on the fields and courts. Sports camps are offered for: 

• Girls basketball

• Baseball

• Girls lacrosse

• Boys lacrosse

• Co-ed soccer

• Softball

• Boys basketball 

• Cheerleading 

• Football 

• Co-ed dance 

• Girls volleyball 

“Each camp’s focus is on the fundamentals of the sport, on team building, on connection and fun,” Wolfe said. “We want every kid to connect with our players and coaches and begin relationships, to learn more about playing the game the correct way and how to work together.”

About 800 kids attend the camps every summer, Wolfe said, and all of the camps usually see great turnout, particularly the basketball and baseball camps. 

Wolfe said first and foremost, offering the camps is a way for the Buford Athletics Department to acknowledge the community that shows so much support for the high school’s athletes and the sports in which they participate. 

“The community is so important to us and this is our chance to give back,” he said. “Secondly, it is our first chance to meet future Wolves, and begin teaching them the Buford Way of doing things.” 

To register a child for a sports or activities camp, visit

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