Coby Durden is a 2013 graduate of Buford High School. Coby was born in Chattanooga, Tennessee, to Gene and Cherie Durden and was raised in Trenton, Georgia,. He has two older brothers, Devin (deceased) and Christian (27) and a twin sister, Danielle (26). Prior to Buford, Coby attended Dade County Elementary School from kindergarten through the fourth grade. The Durden family finally made the move to Buford in 2006 when Coby’s father, Gene, received the opportunity to be the head coach of the Lady Wolves basketball team.

Coby was an all-star student-athlete throughout his four years at Buford High School. Proudly, Coby was a member of the varsity boys’ basketball team all four years of high school (2009-2013), all while maintaining a 3.5 GPA in the classroom. Coby is the ultimate image of a true Buford wolf — hardworking, intelligent and outgoing.

The staff members from Buford City Schools who have had the biggest influence on Coby throughout high school were Lisa Cole, Tara Armstead, Kent Wiginton and Tim Harris.

“They’ve all had a profound influence on me because they were all elite teachers in their respective subject areas,” Coby said. “They really motivated me wanting to go into education because of the impact they had on my life from their lessons in the classroom.” 

When asked what he has learned at BHS and taken into adulthood, Coby reflects, “Persevering, definitely. Buford is a very unique place where you are challenged as a student and athlete and being able to push through various adverse situations has prepared me for those that I face now as an adult. Just being able to manage your time is a huge life skill that I was taught during that time too.” 

After he graduated from Buford High School, Coby attended the University of North Georgia. There, Coby was a member of the University of North Georgia Men’s basketball program during the 2013-2014 season. In 2018, Coby graduated with a bachelor’s degree in middle grades education.

Coby with his wife, Hannah and their 16-month-old daughter Josie.  Photo courtesy of Coby Durden.

“I chose to be a teacher because of all of the teachers that had an impact in my life,” he said. “I wanted to have the opportunity to teach kids and have a positive impact on their lives in any way that I can.”

Coby has furthered this passion for education and service through acquiring a job directly in the school system he grew up in … Buford. He currently serves as a sixth-grade math teacher at Buford Middle School and serves as an assistant coach for the Buford High School girls’ basketball team. He is currently entering his sixth year within the program. 

Outside of work, Coby enjoys hanging out with his family, wakeboarding, graphic design and collecting vinyl. Today, Coby resides in Flowery Branch with his wife, Hannah Durden. Coby has a 16-month-old daughter, Josie, and is expecting a baby boy on New Year’s Eve. 

Coby is a proud community member as he witnesses the success of Buford High School in athletics, arts and academics. The memories and lessons that Coby picked up during his time going to Buford City Schools have served him well in life and have allowed him to reach his full potential while encouraging others to reach theirs as well. Coby continues to mold and shape the up-and-coming age of Buford Wolves in order to keep up the tradition of Triple A Excellence. Once a Wolf, always a Wolf!


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