On December 8, 2019, Suwanee Town Center hosted their annual “Jingle in the Park” event. Photo — Anoshka Ramkumar

SUWANEE — On December 8, 2019, Suwanee Town Center hosted its energetic and lively “Jingle in the Park” event. The upbeat, primarily volunteer-based event featured performances by local choir groups, public service announcements and several booths with goods and activities for kids. The event was largely populated by student volunteers from North Gwinnett High School. These 9th-12th grade students volunteered with clubs and organizations to help promote them for the school. These clubs included North Gwinnett Football, National Honors Society (NHS), and North Gwinnett Players. North Gwinnett Football has been extremely successful in their season. Yet it takes a lot of support not only in regards to finances but in terms of community unification. 

JIP Volunteering Pic 2
High school students from North Gwinnett volunteered with clubs and organizations to help at the event. Photo — Anoshka Ramkumar

A few of the players from the 2019 Varsity Football Team gave out Gatorade from their coolers as people walked by their booth and spoke about their love for the sport, promotions for the team, and spoke to hopefuls in the middle and elementary school. Sports is a wonderful way to bring together a community and these students sure know how to go about it! Along with the attention on sports, North Gwinnett High School Players took a different approach to community union. These performing arts students of the local high school encouraged the public to attend their line of shows starting the month of December all the way through April of 2020. They gave out cards with the shows and dates, allowing small children to decorate and draw on the back. These cheerful cards created a keepsake for the children as well as a reminder to their families to attend the shows. 

Lastly, the NGHS National Honors Society pitched in by giving out delicious holiday-themed cookies and allowing children and families to decorate them. This was also very successful in the spreading of holiday cheer and provided a sweet treat to hungry park-goers. Overall, student involvement in Jingle in the Park was beneficial and helped the community of Suwanee come together for some early holiday spirit.

—Anoshka Ramkumar

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