By Amy Davis

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Scenes from Diva performed by BHS Dance students.  Photo credit:  David Hanks

Adrenaline ran high between both the performers and the audience; difficult dances learned in many months were now jammed into the heat of three independent showtimes; glorious movements combined with strobe and laser lighting instantly dazzled every spectator; no doubt, this was a concert to remember. Dancers of all skill levels displayed their passion and vigor during their production of Diva at the Buford Fine Arts Center on January 25th and 26th. Every student brought a different element to their performances, each component enhanced by song selections and choreography, unlike anything Buford has ever seen.

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Scenes from Diva performed by BHS Dance students.  Photo credit:  David Hanks

The show began with a bang as “Toxic” by Britney Spears rang through the speakers, and the advanced Buford dance class struck their various dramatic poses. It was an obvious favorite of all the individuals in the building, no matter if participating in the dance or just watching. Not to leave older generations unsatisfied with the music choices, other artists such as Gloria Gaynor, Paula Abdul, Aretha Franklin, Pat Benatar, Cher, Tina Turner, and Gloria Estefan were featured in the dance concert. Similar revolutionary musicians from more recent years serenaded the listeners with songs such as “Get the Party Started” by PINK, “Run the World” by Beyoncé, and “Applause” by Lady Gaga while aiding the Buford performers in their spectacular show. Such musical diversity added to the beautiful aesthetic of the dance concert as a whole.

When asking a few of the performers their views on how everything went, Lizbeth Martinez Gomez, a Buford High School senior, said, “The performance went even better than how it was rehearsed.”

Scenes from Diva performed by BHS Dance students.  Photo credit:  David Hanks

Likewise, a junior, Ansley Stephens, took her nervousness from the night and used it to push her dancing in a positive direction, mentioning how “not everything [went] as planned, but I think we… gave the crowd a show they deserved.”

Another senior dancer who was included in six of the Diva numbers, Blakely Phillips, took the show to heart saying, “with the help of an energetic audience we… perform[ed] at the best of our ability.” Clearly, the enthusiasm and dedication from these three students give insight into how the entire dance program felt about their performance.

In the Diva production finale, every dance student put on their “Diva” shirt and joined the audience in the aisles to heighten the already soaring energy in the auditorium. Audience members were clapping, singing, and dancing along with the performers, never letting the intensity falter. The Buford dance classes mingled together regardless of skill level and concluded the show with the same type of bang with which it had begun.

The applause continued for a solid minute until everyone started to make their way into the lobby to greet and compliment the students who’d taken part in this year’s dance concert. No one will be able to forget this remarkable show for years to come! Thank you Buford dancers for a lesson in how a diva truly puts on a production!

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