In celebration of Women’s History Month, North Gwinnett Voice staff member Denise Rumbaugh reached out to women whose accomplishments have been influential and impactful in several areas, including education, politics, media and business. She asked each woman about other women throughout history they admire, the most influential women in their own lives, advice they would share with women and girls on achieving their own goals and dreams and the importance of celebrating women’s history. The NGV has compiled their responses in celebration of Women’s History Month and in honor of these incredible women leaving their marks.

Soo Hong is the first Republican Asian immigrant female to be elected to the State House of Representatives serving District 103. 

Denise Rumbaugh: Who has been the most influential woman in your life and why? 

Soo Hong: My mother. When she was in her early 30’s, she and my father left their family and friends and moved us to America for a better life. My mother had to navigate a new culture without knowing the language while raising two small children. My mother never made us feel like we knew or had less than anyone. She always encouraged us and showed us by her hard-working ways that we can accomplish anything through hard work. She has always been the anchor in our family and made me into the woman that I am today.

DR: What advice would you share with women and girls on working to achieve their goals and dreams?

SH: There’s nothing you can’t accomplish when you work hard! You can be kind, sensitive, and feminine, and also be strong, ambitious, and successful. Don’t compare yourself or mimic yourself to anyone else but be you.

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