In celebration of Women’s History Month, North Gwinnett Voice staff member Denise Rumbaugh reached out to women whose accomplishments have been influential and impactful in several areas, including education, politics, media and business. She asked each woman about other women throughout history they admire, the most influential women in their own lives, advice they would share with women and girls on achieving their own goals and dreams and the importance of celebrating women’s history. The NGV has compiled their responses in celebration of Women’s History Month and in honor of these incredible women leaving their marks.

Alice O’Lenick is a member of the Gwinnett County Board of Registrations & Elections, having previously served as chairwoman of the board. 

Denise Rumbaugh: Is there any particular woman or are there women in history you admire? What do you admire about her or them? 

Alice O’Lenick: Having been raised Catholic, I would have to say Mary, Jesus’ mother. Imagine knowing you are entrusted to raise in faith and morals God’s son, accepting the responsibility and sorrow for mankind? 

DR: Who has been the most influential woman in your life and why? 

AO: My Mom and Aunts. Being raised by strong women made me realize that no matter the circumstances it is the women holding life together, comforting, solving problems and above all entrusted to raise moral upstanding children.

I attended an all girl private school, besides my family the nuns instilled in me that there was nothing a woman could not achieve. I was encouraged to do the very best and study, study, study.  Learn, read, don’t be afraid of failure, learn from it.  I never felt inferior because I was a woman.

DR: What advice would you share with women and girls on working to achieve their goals and dreams?

AO: As to advising young women, life is not easy. Ready yourself for the future through education. And that doesn’t only mean Universities, graduate from High School, advance your education after that through trade school, college if affordable, be self taught. Find what you enjoy and are good at and do it. Make your bed every day, only hang out with positive people, be a good friend and lean on your friends when you have to, find someone who loves you for you and no other reason.  Take control of your destiny. 

Proverbs 19:20: Listen to advice and accept discipline, and at the end you will be counted among the wise. 

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