City of Sugar Hill Council Meeting Minutes

August 13, 2018 – Sugar Hill Mayor Steve Edwards opens the meeting with the Pledge of Allegiance.  The only business on the agenda concerned the Sugar Hill Player’s Guild use of the new Eagle Theatre as well as the lease agreement.

In the Usage Agreement, the Player’s Guild must conduct a minimum of “four dramatic presentations, plays, or performances” each year.  They must provide “volunteers to perform a total of 256 annual community service hours to support the Theatre operations during non-Guild performances to demonstrate commitment to the arts and its promotion.” The Player’s Guild will keep 100% of ticket sales relating to their performances while the city will get 100% of concession revenues.

The Player’s Guild has been granted usage of not only the stage/theatre but also a portion of the building comprising of approximately 1,599 square feet for “a scene shop and/or for storage of costumes, props, and other materials and items commonly used by performing arts organizations.”  The Player’s Guild must carry “All Risk” insurance, Comprehensive Public Liability Insurance (General Liability Insurance), and Workmen’s Compensation Insurance with the City and Downtown Development Authority listed as “additional insured parties.”

The Use and Lease Agreement between the City of Sugar Hill and the Sugar Hill Player’s Guild was approved.  The meeting was adjourned with an executive work session following.

At the executive work session, the council approved the sale of land that the city owns on Austin Garner Road at Suwanee Dam Road to the American Legion Post.  The American Legion Post is currently located on Sawnee Avenue in Buford. The American Legion wishes to relocate their facility to Sugar Hill.

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