By Alicia Couch Payne

I am convinced that our children’s school life is way more complicated than my generation’s.  The standards and expectations are a lot higher than ever before. The use of technology alone sets their experience apart from mine.  I find it hard to keep up with what happens in their school lives. If your children are anything like mine, they conveniently forget to tell me about homework and other things happening at their school.

Sure, we have apps like PowerSchool to show some of what has happened at school.  There’s emails describing their upcoming week but I did not know where we could find info on some of it.  My kids play as dumb as possible when it comes to information about school.

To find out what exactly is expected of my children at school, I attend Curriculum Night every year at their school.  It’s my time to go to each of their core classrooms and hear from their teachers about what is expected of our children and of us as well as to know what to expect from the teachers.  Teachers go over where to find what they are doing in class, where they are to turn in the work at, and other key websites.

I take the opportunity to speak with their teachers for a minute and fill them in on how my twins operate.  Parents of twins will understand where I am coming from I am sure. They will have their stories collaborated on days where they are happy with each other.  On days they are mad at one another, they will be the first to rat the other one out. They do this to both teachers and their father and I.

I find I am a bit surprised that attendance numbers are not higher than what they are at these curriculum nights.  So I am curious about other parents. Do you feel attending your child’s curriculum night is a must?

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